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Bee Pollen

Bee pollen is one of the super foods, extremely rich invitamins and minerals. It has been used for over two centuries, and even Hippocratesused pollen as the healing substance.

Bees are collecting the nectar from the flowers and at thesame time, their legs collect (or rather pick) the pollen on the stamen offlowers. The pollen from bees is not the same thing which they gathered, northe same thing people use. Bees add enzymes and nectar, and these things make thepollen we could use. Studies revealed that pollen contains proteins,carbohydrates, water, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and oils. There are also enzymes,co-enzymes, fatty acids and many other substances in the bee pollen.

Vitamins in Bee Pollen

Bee pollen contains almost all the known vitamins. It isrich in pro-vitamin A, vitamins C, D and E, vitamins H and K, and rutin,choline, inositol, vitamin PP and folic acid. This extraordinary food is alsofull of vitamins B, including thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), panthotenicacid (B5), pyridoxine (B6) and Cyanocobalamine (B12).

Minerals in Bee Pollen

Bee pollen usually contains somewhere between 1 and 7% ofminerals and vitamins, and there are more than 20 minerals and 50 traceelements in it. In the pollen, there are: boron, calcium, chlorine, copper, magnesium,manganese, molybdenum, iodine, iron, potassium, selenium, silica, sodium, sulfur,titanium, zinc, and many other elements.

How to Use

You may buy bee pollen as the powder, granules, tablets orcapsules. It is always advisable to buy natural, unchanged products. Most doctorsrecommend using a tablespoon (15 to 20g) of pollen ½ an hour before the meal,once a day. For the people suffering from some health conditions, the dose isusually doubled and they should take 2 tablespoons (about 30g, maximum 35g) ofpollen every day. Children should take less of this substance, and the mostcommon dose is about 12g.

Pollen from the bees may increase your energy and physical ability,and also benefit your enthusiasm. It is proven helpful in treatments of asthmaand allergies, because of the uplifting effect it has on the immune system. Beepollen can cure indigestion, PMS problems and help reducing the stress. Many womenuse pollen products to maintain youthful looking skin. People who want to losethe weight or increase their sex life should also use bee pollen. Pollen isalso a preventive therapy for cancer and many other health problems.


Bee pollen may cause allergic reactions in some people. Symptoms include rash, hives, swelling of the throat and in some cases even anaphylactic shock. Because of that be very careful when using the bee pollen for the first time. People allergic to honey will be probably allergic to bee pollen as well.

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