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What is Negative Ion?

Ion is a molecule that can be positively or negatively electrified. Negatively electrified ion is simply called "negative ion". A long ago is proved that the atmospheres electrified with negative ions positively effects human body, while those with positive ions destroys it. The energy emitted by the negative ions and its favorable effects include many health benefits listed below.

Healthy Atmosphere

Flu, angina, and rheumatism are noticeable better treated because negative ions kill microbes and viruses. In a healthy atmosphere people are less sick.


Without the presence of negative ions, people would die from asphyxia (suffocation). In other word, the neutral oxygen molecule without electricity does not have the necessary energy to penetrate through the membrane of pulmonary alveoli and arrive in human blood. However, the negative ion can bind to itself 70 to 80 molecules of neutral oxygen providing its reaching in blood. Therefore, oxygenation is better when the air is rich in negative ions.

Asthma, Bronchitis and Sinusitis

Everyone knows that the gases produced by the factory and dust are very harmful for health. They cause respiratory diseases. But nature keeps us from this pollution. Human lungs are covered with countless miniature growths that vibrate at high speed and reject the impurities which enter into them. The presence of positive ions slows down the vibrations and even stops them. In contrast, negative ions accelerate the vibrations. Due to the negative ions, contaminated respiratory tract is cleaned and fast healed if it is attacked by the diseases such as asthma, bronchitis or sinusitis.


Negative ions stimulate the hypothalamus. Since this gland is the "big boss" of all glands in human body, negative ions are particularly useful for people.

Adrenal Gland

Adrenal gland in the presence of negative ions secretes more natural cortisone, which reduces fatigue. Stimulated by these ions, this gland also better defends human body from disease.


Serotonin is hormone that is also called "mood hormone". High concentration of this hormone leads to the irritability. The presence of negative ions acts on serotonin reducing, which brings a good mood.


Negative ions reduce stress, nervousness, restlessness and fear. That leads to deep and restorative sleep.

Increasing Physical Capacity

Negative ions are necessary to remove fatigue, improve reflexes, increase speed and endurance of any athlete.

Concentration Improvement

For proper brain functioning, it requires sufficient amounts of oxygen. If the composition of the blood and its circulation is bad, the brain is not getting enough oxygen. Negative ions help in solving both of these problems. They first spread its bioenergy on red blood cells. After introducing themselves with large amounts of oxygen, it then reaches the blood and afterwards the brain. Thanks to that memory is improved, the concentration becomes higher and the thinking process accelerates.

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