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Carrot juice is well-known beverage and it is very healthy for people. Carrots are the best source of beta-carotene which converts into Vitamin A in our bodies.
Vitamin A is important for eyes. Deficiency of vitamin A causes difficulties in night vision. It is also important vitamin for skin keeping it smooth and elastic. If we do not have enough of vitamin A we will be prone to different infections.
Carrots and carrot juice are rich in B-Complex vitamins (Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin and B6). They are full of Vitamin C, K and E, carbohydrates, proteins, zinc, fluoride, sodium, copper, iron, phosphorous, calcium and aluminum.
They contain fiber necessary for our bowels and in that way they help them digest food and prevent constipation. Dietary fibers from carrots help maintaining healthy metabolism and they protect us from cardiovascular diseases. If you suffer from diarrhea or gases you can help yourself by eating carrot soup.
Beta-carotene from carrot juice is an anti-oxidant which eliminates toxins from our bodies and prevents premature aging of skin. Since it helps us detoxify it reduces the chances of developing cancer. Converted into vitamin A it cleanses our liver and boosts our immune system.
Drinking a lot of carrot juice we keep our skin, eyes, hair and glands (adrenalin glands) in optimal health. Carrot juice is beneficial for our bones and spleen. Natural carrot juice made of real raw carrots will help you relax and get rid of stress.
Carrot juice is said to improve libido and cure sexual dysfunction. Respiratory tract can benefit from regular intake of carrot juice. You can get rid of cough and cold. Carrots are important for pregnant women. Vitamin A and E help in forming healthy baby. Carrots can improve the quality of milk for the baby.
Children enjoy drinking carrot juice. You can mix it with apple, lime or orange juice for even better flavor. If children drink carrot juice instead of sodas they will have stronger immune system and will suffer less from cold and flu. Carrots are a source of a compound called potash succinate which can lower high blood pressure. Magnesium from carrots can lower bad cholesterol level. It gives body physical strength and keeps blood vessels elastic and strong. Magnesium is great for muscles, it relieves spasms.
Vitamin B3 aids our bodies in metabolizing lipids and fats. People suffering from diabetes can drink carrot juice and benefit from it. Carrot juice is helpful for women who suffer from weak menstruation. Carrot juice has diuretic properties.
You can prepare your own carrot juice. All you need to do is wash carrots and scrape them gently. Put them in a strong blender and add water. Consume the juice immediately to preserve all important vitamins and minerals. You can make a combination of carrot juice and different vegetable juices. If you mix carrot juice with spinach you can relax your mind and enhance good night sleep. You can improve digestion too.
You can mix carrot juice with beet or berry juice which will give you excellent drink rich in vitamin C, A and minerals that your body needs. Drinking a glass of carrot juice per day will keep you in overall health.

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