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Propolis balsam,propolis resin, bee glue, bee putty, hive dross, propolis wax or Russian penicillin – these are all synonyms forthe same thing, a natural resin made by the bees. Bees produce propolis anduse it for construction of the beehives.

Many people are hypersensitive to propolis, and you shouldbe careful when using it for the first time. Allergic reactions to propolis maymanifest as contact dermatitis, erythema, vesiculitis, eczema or pruritis.

Possible Uses

Propolis could help in the numerous conditions.

Propolis might help in prevention of swelling after the burn wounds.

Acute cervicitis can be eased by propolis. It is used as a creamor ointment in these cases. However, this has to be studied more, before the definiteconclusion could be made.

Research shows some potential of this substanceas anti-inflammatory and anti-viral agent. It is suggested that usage of propolismight help to improve the sight after varichella zoster infection.

Propolis has anti-viral activity, and could bepotentially used against herpes simplex viruses and in treatment of genitalherpes.

Certain dentists use propolis to ease the dentalpain and solve many oral problems, including plaque and gingivitis. Propolis might be also active against bacteria in the mouth. Thereis a possibility that propolis could speed up the healing after toothextraction.

This substance is sometimes used in treatment ofinfections, including oral, urine, intestinal, or stomach infections.

There is a possibility that propolis might helpin cases of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease/avascular hip necrosis, if given in form ofinjection.

It is believed that this substance preventscold. There are not enough studies to prove that theory.

Some say that propolis is great substance to fightrheumatic diseases due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

Propolis should be used with care.Consult your doctor about the usage and dosage of this substance. Many propolisproducts have not been tested or approved yet and the amount of propolis in themvaries.

If you want to use propolis tofight the dental plaque, you should use mouthwash that contains maximum 10% ofpropolis ethanol extract. Use it once or twice a day, keeping it in your mouthfor a minute or two and spit it out.

Propolis must be carefullyadministered to children, because there is a possibility of allergic reactions.

Avoid Propolis If

People allergic to bees, bee products, bee stings, poplar bud, blackpoplar plant (Populus nigra) and Peru balsamshould avoid the usage of propolis. Allergic reaction could affect the skin,causing redness, eczema, burning, and could cause fever, swelling and fluidcollection.

Propolis tinctures with alcoholshould be avoided in pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are no recommendationsto use propolis in pregnancy, so if you think about using this substanceconsult your doctor.

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