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Seaweed has been important part of the diet in many Eastern countries for hundreds of years due to its various health benefits and great nutritional value. Let’s find out more about seaweed health benefits.

Seaweed Nutrition Facts

Seaweed is considered as perfectly balanced natural food. It is rich source of natural chemicals and beneficial compounds. Seaweed is high in mineral content because it absorbs all 92 minerals naturally found in sea. It actually contains 10 to 20 times more minerals than land food. Seaweed is also great source of vitamins, macro elements and micro elements.

Essential fatty acids as well as antioxidants are also abundantly found in seaweed. It contains dietary fiber too, which is different from fiber found in land plants and has different physiological effect. Seaweed is nutritious and non-toxic food because unlike land plants it is not genetically modified.

Health Benefits of Seaweed

In the vegetable kingdom, seaweed is the greatest source of minerals. These minerals are not available in the land-grown vegetables since seaweed picks up minerals from sea. Seaweed is rich in magnesium, iron, sodium and calcium. It is a great source of vitamins A, B1, C, E and K.

Seaweed is completely organic food, easily broken down and free from pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers and airborne industrial pollutants. It is rich in numerous concentrated proteins and beneficial carbohydrates. High content of iodine in seaweed makes it beneficial for the thyroid gland and helps regulate body’s metabolism.

Seaweed has alkaline pH which helps balance body’s pH level. Additionally, seaweed is rich in Glyconutrients, low in fat and has low calorie value.

Seaweed may prevent cancer because it contains plenty of lignans, the plant compounds with anti-cancer properties. Being a great source of iodine, seaweed also promotes functioning of the thyroid gland. Kelp is a type of seaweed richest in iodine. Kelp can be used as a natural remedy for certain thyroid problems.

Seaweed is high in calcium. In fact 1 teaspoon of cult mixed in a glass of water has 10 times more calcium than a glass of milk. Seaweed is great source of folic acid which protects against birth defects and spina bifida. Additionally, folic acid breaks down homocysteine which is beneficial for blood pressure.

Seaweed has anti-inflammatory properties due to high magnesium content. It helps with menopause symptoms such as hot flushes. It is also great for detoxification from heavy metals because of high levels of alginic acid. And finally, seaweed supports gut flora and promotes body’s metabolism.

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