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Everybody has chance to convince that all bee products such as honey, propolis drops.. effect on organism very well, and that these products are very healthy. Of course, it is very important to determine that there is no some allergic reaction on bee products, otherwise all bee products are very recommendable for every day using. First of all, these products are totally natural, and also have high nutrition facts.

One of the most recommendable bee products is bee pollen. It comes from flowers that bee touches down. Bee goes to the flower because of the nectar, which is the main food for bees. One colony of bees can collect over fifty thousand packs of the pollen for just one day. It is also very interesting that bee makes the small granules from the flower pollen that brings on the legs. Bee puts some enzyme in the flower pollen so the pollen remains usable. Because of the mixture of flower pollen and bee enzyme, this product is called bee pollen.

The nutrition facts of bee pollen

Maybe some of you are wandering, why bees pick up the pollen from the flowers. Answer is very simple. It always stuck up on their little legs, but not only because of that, of course.

The flower pollen has very high nutrition value and it helps in development and growth of the bees. It also has proved as great preparation that helps even the human.

Bee pollen contents the high level of C vitamin, protein, nucleic acids and antibiotic elements. It also contains Magnesium, Copper, Zinc, Iron, Carbohydrate and dietary fiber.

For what is the bee pollen good?

Because of it high nutritive value, the bee pollen can helps people that suffer anemia. It makes the blood cells, both red and white, to product better.

Bee pollen should use people that have different kinds of allergies or reactions. Bee pollen contains flower pollen that is the most usual provoker of allergies among people, but some doctors think that if people that suffer allergies take the bee pollen, it would create the resistance in organism and stop the allergies. In fact, the bee pollen fixes the immune system, so it is the main protection of the allergies.

The pollen of bees also brings back en energy in organism so it is very good to take it after or during some physical or any other kind of efforts.

If people want to conserve the young look, the bee pollen can be helpful. It contains antioxidants that help your body to stay healthy and good looking.

Despite all of this, the bee pollen can be used like repair of injured tissue. It is possible because, as already been mentioned, it contain antibiotic.

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