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HCG Diet Plan

The hCG diet can help in rapid process of losing weight. It determineswhich food you are allowed to eat and which food you are not supposed to eat. Somepeople have made amazing results after only 3 weeks being on this diet. Dr Simeonsis the one who estimated the hCG diet program. After his death this diet becamereally popular.

Dr Simeons claimed that for the best results of this dietthere should be a protocol of 1 to 3 days. You are allowed to eat as much asyou like. HCG injections should be of 0.5 ml of the hCG mixture per one day. Whenit comes to hCG oral sublingual treatment, you should take 4 drops of hCGsublingual mix. After the third day of the diet you mustn`t eat more than 500calories per day. It is very important to know that you should also take 500calories per day even three days after the phase 1 has finished.

Breakfast hCG Diet Manu

As we have already said, the diet allows you to have 500calories per day with 200 grams of proteins. For the best results you shoulddivide the amount of proteins in two meals. It is not allowed for the servingsto be combined, but you can use three egg whites and one whole egg. It doesn`tmatter if you eat it raw, poached or boiled. Vegetarians can replace the meatby 200 grams of cottage cheese or half a liter of skimmed milk. Liquid is very importantand you should drink at least two liters of any liquid that doesn`t containsugar. Also, you can have one tablespoon of mink once a day.

Lunch hCG Diet Manu

For lunch you can have 100 grams of meat such as shrimp,crab, lobster, fresh white fish, chicken breast, beef or veal. Meat can be grilled or boiled but with thefat parts previously removed. However, you are not allowed to eat pickled ordried fish, herring, tuna, eel and salmon. Vegetables like cabbage, asparagus, cucumbers, red radishes,onion, fennel, celery, tomatoes, green salad, chicory, chard andspinach can be eaten, but only one of these vegetables is allowed. You can alsohave a half of a grapefruit, handful of strawberries, orange or an apple, and a juicemade of one lemon can be consumed every day. White fish proteins also include turbot, shark, sea bream, red snapper, red fish, grey and redmullet, monk fish, flying fish, cat fish, rock salmon, skate, whiting, coley,plaice, and haddock.

Dinner hCG Diet Manu

Amount of food that you have for dinner should be much smallerthan for lunch. For the first dinner you should have either red meat or birdfood. On the next day you can have birds or sea food and the following day redmeat or sea food.


Lemon juice made of one lemon is allowed to take every day. Seasoningslike majoram, thyme, parsley, sweet basil, garlic, mustard powder, vinegar,pepper and salt are allowed, whereas dressing, butter and oil are not allowed. Aroundeight glasses of water or any drink without sugar are recommended.

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