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What is lacto ovo vegetarianism?

Vegetarianism is a dietary lifestyle that many people chose today, some for ethical or religious reasons, others for reasons of health. Vegetarianism has several varieties, and lacto ovo is considered to be the healthiest. Lacto ovo vegetarians make up the highest percentage of all vegetarians in the United States.

In this dietary style, a person eats vegetables, fruit and other plant-based products, as well as dairy products and eggs, but does not eat meat or fish. Contrary to what some people believe, chicken, fish and shellfish are animals and vegetarians do not eat them.

The term “lacto ovo” derives from latin words for milk and eggs. Lacto ovo vegetarianisms is a healthy alternative that has many medical benefits and also contributes to the overall well-being and fitness of a person.

Tips for lacto ovo vegetarian diet

Even though vegetarian diets are generally considered to be very healthy, one must be careful to eat all the right foods that provide the essential nutrients, like vitamins, minerals and protein, otherwise the diet may result in significant health problems caused by deficiencies.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for everyone, including vegetarians. In this diet, it can consist in pancakes, toast, oatmeal, fruit, omelet, salad, cottage cheese, yogurt or a smoothie. The important thing is to provide enough energy for the day.

Ideal lunch foods would be vegetable or mushroom soups, graham crackers, mixed salads with or without dressing, with fruit for desert. Many vegetarians like experimenting with ethnic cuisines, so foods like falafel or samosa can be a delicious and healthy lunch items. Legumes like beans and lentils are also highly recommended as they provide both energy and important proteins.

For all people, not just vegetarians, dinner is best if light, instead of heavy, spicy and greasy. Heavy foods for dinner can cause digestion problems and interrupt the normal sleep patterns. Dinner is ideally taken several hours before bedtime.

Baked or stir-fried greens, soups, salads, whole-grain bread, baked cheese, light pasta meals, and fruit make an ideal dinner foods for lacto ovo vegetarians.

Best snacks for lacto ovo vegetarians are those that provide essential oils, fatty acids, minerals and vitamins, like nuts and dried fruit. A glass of skimmed milk, buttermilk or yogurt is also recommended.

The advantage of lacto ovo vegetarian diet is that it combines food sources that are sure to provide all the important nutrients. Vegetarians who do not eat dairy products or eggs are sometimes at risk of certain deficiencies, and in lacto ovo that is not the case, as long as the diet is carefully planned and well-balanced. It is also very important not to overdo it with dairy and eggs, as it can result in high fat, sugar and cholesterol levels.

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