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Detox diet menu

Lots of people nowadays are looking for the best detox diet menu which will aid them in losing weight and detox as well. People should know that when a person detoxes he or she is loosing weight as well. It sort of comes naturally. Detox diet menu is supposed to be good because it is low on fat and calories and it helps the body to get rid of the excess fluids.

People are more worried about the toxins in their body and with this diet a person can get rid of them. This diet is also good for a person who worries about the pollutants in the food and water he or she consumes.

However, this is not the sort of diet that a person can follow for a long period of time. This diet is supposed to be consumed for one week before a person transfers to a more healthy diet plan. Prevention

A person who is on this diet will prevent a number of diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, digestive problems and liver problems. It is also said that this diet protects against certain types of cancer as well.


The first thing a person should do before going on a detox diet is talk to a doctor and a certified dietitian. A person who is on some medications or is having some sort of health problems is strongly advised to talk to a doctor before going on this diet.

Diet detox menu sample

Right after a person wakes up, he or she should have a glass of water with half a lemon squeezed into it. When it is time for breakfast a person can have a fresh organic fruit salad. Some almond slivers, wheat germ or pumpkin seeds can be added to the salad. Along with the salad a person can drink some organic yogurt. Before lunch a person can have one or two cups of vegetable broth. Lunch can consist of organic vegetables with oil or vinegar dressing. A person can have one piece of fresh organic fruit along with the vegetables. Before dinner a person can again eat one or two cups of vegetable broth.For dinner a person should prepare no more than four cups of steamed vegetables. These vegetables should be all different in color, texture and flavor. A potato, a red pepper, kale and scallions are a good example of how a dinner should look like. It is important that a person does not eat anymore after he or she has had dinner. On the other hand, a person is advised to drink a lot of water, organic fruit or vegetable juice and herbal tea.

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