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Macrobiotic Diet

Many people desperate of failing in regular diets turnthemselves to macrobiotic diet. Macrobiotic diet was derived from Japan and macrobioticdiet menu includes mainly small amounts of fish, vegetables, grains and cereals.This diet is very good for your mental and spiritual health, as well asfor physical health. Nowadays, more and more people are using macrobiotic diet, since it has showed great results over the years. This diet is becoming morepopular among people all around the world.

Macrobiotic Diet Food List

There is a list of foods you can take if you are following macrobioticdiet food program. Fruits like melons, grapes, berries, pears, peaches andapples can be consumed several times a week. You should avoid eating poultryand meat, but you are to eat seafood and fish in small amounts. You can eattofu, soybeans and other soybean products, but hey should be up to 10% of thefood you take in daily. Macrobiotic diet also includes soups made of macrobioticingredients such as shoyu and miso. You can boil, bake, steam your vegetables, or you can eat them raw. Make sure that your each meal consists of up to 30% ofvegetables.

What makes this diet so powerful is the carbohydrates you intake. Youreach meal should contain whole grains like corn, rye, miller, barley, wheat orbrown rice. An important thing in preparing the food is the way you are goingto cook. Your food should be steamed, boiled, or pressure cooked, and you shoulddefinitely avoid pan frying, roasting and deep frying. Drinking kukicha twigtea or macrobiotic tea is allowed in macrobiotic diet, while drinks with caffeineor artificial sweeteners are forbidden, and you shouldn`t drink alcohol either.

It is very important how you consume the food and you need tofind a balance. In Chinese philosophy there are symbols called yin and yang and they symbolize the two opposing forces that are functioning perfectly together. Yin iscalm, cool, tranquil, dark and it is the female force, while on the other side, yangis energetic, warm, alert, active and it is the male force. When they are combinedtogether, they make a perfect balance. You should do that, too, meaning that you should find yourbalance in taking food. Find the balance of sour, bitter, savory and sweetflavor. Another very important thing in macrobiotic diet is adjusting the foodto the time of the year. In winter, you should eat heavier foods with strongflavors, while in the spring, for example, you should take fresh and lightfood.

People who are taking macrobiotic diets, don`t have to worryabout the fruits and vegetables they can`t find in their own country. You caneat the food that your country produces and that is one of many advantages ofmacrobiotic diet. Many people have made wonderful successes with it. However,lactating mothers, pregnant women, adolescents, and children are not advised touse macrobiotic diet. After you start using macrobiotic diet you will feelmuchhappier and healthier.

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