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Grapefruit is bitter fruit of a subtropical tree, also knownas Citrus paradisi. Looking at the fruit it looks like orange or any other citrusfruit, but it has specific bitter taste. The fruit is scientifically confirmedto contain plenty of fibers, proteins and minerals such as calcium, sodium andphosphorus. Fibers found in grapefruit are very useful to assist the body indigestion of fat stored in the body, while other nutrients in the fruit arealso very beneficial for the condition of a human skin. There is almost no fator cholesterol found in grapefruit, which is also very good for the health andespecially for dieting.

About Grapefruit Diet

According to people that tried it, grapefruit diet is one ofthe best ways to lose some extra pounds. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, this diet can help you. Many people lost about 10 pounds in less than 2weeks, just by following the grapefruit diet. What makes grapefruit diet so successfulis very simple basic principle and fewer or even none existing side effects. Even though you will lose some excess weight veryquickly by dieting, this loss should not present any harm to your body.

Grapefruit is full of important nutrients, which are alsobelieved to improve digestion, speed up metabolism and melt away the fat fromyour body.

What You Should Eat?

Grapefruit diet menu consists of whole grapefruit or grapefruitjuice, which should be used with all meals throughout the day. Always keep thetrack of your meals, and try to eat all meals in equal intervals during theday. Remember that the time gap between the meals should be the same forbreakfast and lunch and lunch and your dinner.

Consummated food should not be of extreme temperature, eithertoo hot or too cold. Also, avoid cooking in aluminum pans during this diet,because according to the rues of grapefruit diet, you shouldn’t eat foodprepared in such way.

Your breakfast can start with 2 boiled eggs and 2 slices ofbacon. Don’t forget to take grapefruit juice (full glass would be appropriateamount) or simply eat half of a whole grapefruit. Lunch can start withgrapefruit in same amount as for breakfast, and then you could take some saladand meat. Always make sure not to overeat, but to take moderate amounts offood. Dinner can contain bread, salad and meat, but before these take a glassof grapefruit juice or half of the fruit.

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