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Anti-inflammatory diet is developed for people suffering from illnesses associated with allergies and inflammation. It is also found to be very effective as a weight loss diet for people sensitive to different types of food. This type of diet brings most noticeable changes regarding breakfast. People who adopt anti-inflammatory diet are advised to change their usual diner for breakfast. It may sound strange, but anything one would normally eat in the evening should now be consumed early in the morning.

Recommended Foods for Allergies and Inflammation

Steamed vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and fruits are recommended for anyone on anti-inflammatory diet. Fish, chicken and turkey are also allowed and can be used in various meals throughout the day, while fats and sugar should be avoided.

You can eat any of vegetables you can tolerate, except those that are on the avoidance list. Steamed squash, sweet potatoes and yams may be an excellent choice. Steaming as a process of food preparation is beneficial for people suffering from irritation of the intestines. Any of legumes you are able to tolerate are also good for you, while on this diet. Eat any kind of beans you can think of, including kidney, pinto, azuki, garbanzo, mung and soy beans, as well as different lentils.

Grains such as brown or basmati rice, millet, barley, amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat and oatmeal are also allowed, in the quantity of 1 to 2 cups per day. Always keep in mind that you cannot eat bread, so make a plan how to replace bread in meals.

Avoid red meat, eat plenty of deep sea fish, turkey and skinless chicken meat.

Besides citrus fruits (lemon, oranges, lime, grapefruit) you can eat almost any fruits you prefer. Sometimes, baking fruits before consummation may be a good way to improve their digestion.

People on anti-inflammatory diet are usually advised to drink a lot of water, so 8 to 10 glasses per day are a bare minimum. Herbal teas are reserved for the evening hours and one can drink several (2 to 4) cups every night.

Keep Away From The Following Foods

If you are following an anti-inflammatory diet, there are some foods to avoid. Do not use any processed or fried food, because they are not healthy at all. Do not consume dairy products such as milk, cheese, kefir or yogurt as well. Furthermore, stay away from bread, muffins and all other wheat products and do not come near any of corn products.

Intake of coffee or alcohol is also restricted, if not completely eliminated. This also refers to any caffeinated drink you can think of. Artificial sweeteners should be avoided as well.

Finally, stay away from tomatoes, eggplant, green and red pepper as well as potatoes.

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