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Diets are the in thing in today’s world. The media has made such a huge thing about looking good, having the perfect body, the perfect weight and unfortunately the standards set are seldom met by the majority of the general public. Not through lack of trying. The main complaint from many people is the lack of time they have to be able to watch their weight and work out on a regular basis. Today’s world is too fast and thus the quick weight loss solutions were born. Unfortunately there were many that were designed and were not healthy or safe. However if you listen to your body and you are sensible then you can follow this diet plan as it will shock you as to how much weight you can loss in just one week. But you must follow the instructions carefully without straying and it is important to show this diet plan to your doctor prior to starting. Basically if there is a certain food that you do not like than don’t do this diet as said before you must follow the instruction exactly. Don’t eat dinner after 7pm and drink loads of water throughout the day.Monday

For breakfast eat one fruit and one slice of brown bread. For lunch you can eat cold chicken slices but with no skin attached and also the tomato water. You may also consume a green salad with tuna. For dinner you will do the same as you did for breakfast.Tuesday

Breakfast is the same as Monday. Lunch is a ground meat steak coupled with a fresh mix of fruit salad water. Dinner is 350 grams of tomato, cucumber and olives.Wednesday

Breakfast is the same as the previous two days, lunch is a can of tuna fish coupled with a drink of grape fruit water. Dinner will comprise of a roast meat salad.Thursday

For breakfasts tick to the same routine as the days before and then at lunch have cottage cheese, one tomato, one slice of brown bread and two hard boiled eggs. At dinner time eat boiled chicken and this can be as much as your heart desires coupled with a green salad.Friday

Don’t stray from the breakfast routine. Lunch time have one slice of brown bread and a big bowl of a green salad with cottage cheese, also a diet drink or a water. For dinner consume a grilled fish, salad or vegetables and, of course, a slice of brown bread.Saturday

Breakfast is the same. Lunch is made of mixed fruit and a glass of the water and dinner will be an oven roasted chicken coupled with a tomato salad with onion and lettuce. You can also have a grapefruit after wards.Sunday

Breakfast is the same. Lunch is cold cuts of meat with cooked vegetables and a grapefruit water. For dinner you can have two eggs that have been hard boiled and a slice of the brown bread and a salad.

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