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How effective can a carb diet be?

One of the big misconceptions about carbohydrates is that they influence weight gain considerably. This is partially because the diets that are far more popular than high carb diets, and which encourage the intake of a lot of protein ban the consumption of any kind of carbohydrates. However, the fact of the matter is that these two diets are completely different, opposite even, and the whole truth is not on any of their sides. The truth is that it is the combination of both high levels of proteins and high levels of carbohydrates that leads to weight gain. This is because when the intake of proteins is great, they start converting to glucose, and putting that glucose together with a large intake of carbs causes the metabolism to stop burning fat as efficiently, eventually leading to weight gain.

How to avoid the combination of carbs and fats to result in weight gain?

The only possible way to avoid the combination of carbs and fats received from proteins to result in the gaining of weight is to stop combining them. There is no alternative solution here, as the two nutrients will always disrupt the metabolic function used to burn fat that way.

However, that is exactly why both of these diets are equally efficient. The high protein diet will allow the metabolism to burn the built up fats to burn effectively and quickly without the carbohydrates to drag out the process, while the high carb diet will have no new fats to burn, as no new ones will be consumed, and the metabolism will only have the sugars to burn. Therefore, none of these diets is better than the other one, and each person should just choose the one which allows them to eat more foods they like.

Should everyone avoid consuming both nutrients in order to avoid weight gain?

No one wants to be on a diet forever, so how does one end a diet and not gain weight due to the effects that carbs and proteins have when consumed together? The answer lies in moderation and balance. While, it is inevitable to have some fat stored up due to the consumption of both nutrients, burning it still shouldn’t be a problem if one maintains a balanced healthy diet even when they’re not trying to lose weight. Also, physical activity is highly recommended to be implemented in the daily routine. With a lifestyle like that, there is no danger of weight gain.

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