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Summer is usually the time when everyone wants to look their best. But when it comes to hair, that task may turn out to be difficult. This is because prolonged exposure to sunlight higher UV index of radiation, hot temperatures and increased humidity all cause significant damage to the hair, much like heated styling tools like blow dryers and similar. In addition, summer vacations usually involve beaches and swimming pools, and constant exposure to water, chlorinated or not, also has a negative effects on the hair.

Because of all those harmful factors, special care during summer is a must for all hair types, textures and lengths, and this goes for both healthy and damaged hair.

Things to avoid

The main problem during summer is that the sun and the heat cause dryness of the hair. Dry hair is dull, tangled and prone to breakage, so it must be moisturized and conditioned properly.

It is recommended to avoid strong shampoos during summer. Hair needs special care and it is better to switch to a more moisturizing and more gentle shampoo and not to shampoo the hair very often.

During the summer, it is best to go natural. This means no bleach, no hair dye, perms and chemical straighteners. Also, heated styling tools, like blow dryer, hot iron or rollers, which damage the skin because of the heat, should be avoided. The hair suffers enough from heat due to hot weather and exposure to sun, it does not need more heat. People who cannot live without their blow dryer should use leave-in conditioners that are designed to protect the hair during heat styling.

After swimming in a pool with chlorinated water it is highly recommended to rinse the hair thoroughly, as chlorine is known for drying the hair up. The same goes for swimming in the ocean, the salt makes the hair look tangled and dull.

How to protect the hair

Since the hair suffers during summer and easily becomes dry and brittle, it is very important to moisturize it regularly with deep conditioning products. Conditioner is necessary after each shampooing or swimming, and weekly deep conditioning treatments, possibly by a professional, are highly recommended.

The hair should be protected from the sun with hats, scarves and similar items. The less it is exposed to the UV radiation, the healthier it will be. Just like the skin, the hair needs a sunblock too. Hair products with SPF factors are widely available, and some people even use regular sunblock body lotion on their hair too.

Hair ends need special care too. It is best to apply pre-shampoo products like jojoba oil or leave-in serums on daily basis. The ends also need to be trimmed every four to six weeks in the summer.

Finally, hydration from the inside is absolutely necessary. No matter how good a hair product is, if the whole body is not well hydrated, the hair is bound to suffer. It is recommended to drink plenty of plain water which means eight to ten glasses a day, and to avoid coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages.

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