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Pretreated strands are far less delicate than the straightened hair, which hasto be cared for in detail in order to make it look and be healthy. Youmay have to avoid curling irons, backcombing and straightening irons whileusing vigilant conditioning and gentle treatments.

Hair will get damaged due to the rough treatment in which styling methods,hair clips, extremely vigorous shampooing, tight roller sets and wet hairbrushing are included. Hair has to be left alone to be natural, so avoid doinganything you may think will impair your hair and be rough on.

Conditioners and Shampoos for Relaxed Hair

Relaxed hair is very easy to detect due to the feel in the hand and texturechange after the use of styling products. It will be more damage prone and ifthis is a problem that you have encountered with earlier, get a shampoo for relaxedtresses. High-emollient andlow-detergent products will not harm delicate cuticle and all the natural oils will remain. The stress fromthe styling procedures can be decreased by the protective barrier made with themoisture placed on the parched hair.

Styling Products

We will see which styling products can be used and which will not cause greatdamage to the hair. You will have to continue with the use of styling productsfilled with moist if you used them before the relaxing treatment. You can getproducts that are designed especially for the hair treated by chemicals andyou even need to increase the use of such conditioners. But you will have to becareful and never exceed with the use of styling wax, pomade and conditioningoil, because this will make your hair look grimy and increase the number ofshampooing. There are some styling products that you will have to avoid andsome of them are hair sprays based on alcohol, gels and sculpturing lotions.Also, there is a chance that your hair will start to break after the relaxingtreatments and this will suggest improper neutralization of the strands.

Healthy hair means that you will have to do less with the relaxed hair. So youwill experience less breakage and have a stronger hair if you decide on thewash-and-wear instead of the straightening iron or a blow-dryer. Never exceedwith the thermal styling although it is permitted on occasional basis. Try to becomerelaxed with the relaxed hair or you can see with your hair stylist to find away for you to keep the problem out of your vision and mind.

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