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There are many hair shampoo and conditioner adverts that are on the television and in the magazines that picture the gorgeous looking, healthy, shiny hair. The majority of people do not, however, have this kind of hair due to their life style which means whether they put treatments on like perms and colors, or they blow dry their hair, whether they eat a healthy diet or not and so on.

Healthy Hair

Healthy hair can be recognized as being slightly shiny, elastic and full. Someone that has dry hair will notice that it has split ends, it may fly away and it can look rather dull. The sebaceous glands if they are producing the right amount of oil will keep the hair looking glossy. As mentioned earlier, if you constantly straighten, perm or blow dry your hair or use harsh chemicals on it then the obvious consequence is unhealthy hair.

What is Conditioning

Conditioning means using a nourishing treatment of some sort that will assist in protecting and strengthening it and hopefully stop the drying process from occurring. Conditioning your hair will also allow it to feel smoother and make it less tangled.

Ways of Conditioning your Hair from Home

This may sound strange but tea and bear are renowned for their ability to condition the hair. What you will need to do is boil used tea bags and strain out the liquid, allow it to cool and then use it on your hair following your usual shampoo as this will improve the general look of your hair. Beer will allow your hair to be more manageable as well as provide a little more body to it. Another tip is to use lemon juice. All you need to do is put the lemon juice in a cup of water. This can be applied to your hair after you have used your shampoo, it will work by assisting with hair that is usually oily. Honey water will have the opposite effect and actually moisturize a scalp that is particularly dry. To make this you will need to add around forty to fifty drops of honey to the cup of water. One of the top conditioners for your hair is called henna as it is very versatile and can provide all hair types with great benefits and results. You can combine the henna with yogurt, lemon juice, egg and coffee and a little olive oil if you have dry hair.

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