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Groin pain refers to the pain that occurs in the area from the end of the abdomen to the line when the legs start. This pain can be mild, moderate or severe, depending on the cause.

Causes of groin pain in women

The causes for the occurrence of this condition are various. In general, groin pain may be caused due to certain external and internal factors.

The most common external reason responsible for the incidence of groin pain is a groin injury; for example, a direct blow to the groin region may cause the pain in this area. In people who are engaged in sports, the groin pain may result from the excessive extension of the muscles in this region. Furthermore, when any muscle near the hip joint is torn or strained, groin pain may appear. Groin pain in women may be induced by pregnancy. When a woman conceives pregnancy, the hormonal changes occur in the body, and due to the fluctuation of the hormonal levels, the joints in the pelvis become slacken, which may cause groin pain. Furthermore, pregnant women may feel pain in the lower back, genital area or in the upper tights and hip joints as well. Pain in the groin in women is quite normal when a woman gets menstruation, although it is also a symptoms of premenstrual syndrome. Groin pain may also occur due to the radiating or referred pain, which means that it is caused somewhere else in the body, but is spread to the groin area. In women who have problems with kidney stones, a sever groin pain may appear when the stone passes from the kidneys to the ureter, which connects the kidney with the bladder. Furthermore, certain bacterial infections in the groin, as well as lymph node swelling in this region, may also be the reason for the incidence of groin pain. The women who suffer from genital herpes, urinary tract infection, ovarian cyst and pelvic inflammatory disease usually experience pain in the groin. Groin pain in women may also be caused by arthritis, bursitis of the hip joint, hip joint fracture, inflammation of the large intestine and spine injuries.

Treatment groin pain in women

When the groin pain becomes persistent and intense, it is recommended to visit a doctor who will perform certain test in order to diagnose the disease which is responsible for it. After the diagnosis, the proper treatment is given to the patient, also depending on the cause.

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