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Many women experience joint pain during pregnancy. But even after the delivery some of them may have to face this problem. It is not unusual if a woman complains about joint pain after the delivery. During pregnancy the body is exposed to a lot of physical stress and the joints need to carry significant amount of weight. Furthermore, pelvic bones tend to separate and create enough space for the baby. All these changes simply cannot withdraw right after the delivery. It takes some time for the body to get back to normal. There are many causes associated with joint pain after pregnancy and proper identification of each of them can help in decision regarding most convenient treatment.

Majority of women complain about hip pain and knee pain. Still any joint such as joints in the neck, arm or leg can be painful.

Causes of Joint Pain after Pregnancy

There are different joints which may be painful. For example, a pain in the tailbone may be caused by an injury which has occurred during delivery. This usually happens if a woman has been administered epidural anesthesia.

Furthermore, since pregnancy requires plenty of nutrients, vitamins and minerals necessary for proper growth and development of a baby it is no wonder that a woman may be deprived from some of them. One of these nutrients is DHA, an essential fatty acid necessary for maintenance of healthy joints. This fatty acid actually lubricates the joints making them more mobile.

One more cause of post partum joint pain is connected to hormonal changes. During pregnancy a particular hormone called relaxing is produced. It causes relaxing and loosening of ligaments and tendons. The major effects are noticeable on the hip and pelvic bone. Even though this loosening helps during pregnancy it may cause pain in the particular joints after delivery.

And finally, joint pain after pregnancy is a common complaint of women who had already suffered from joint pain even before they conceived. The pregnancy may only cause the pain to become more intensive.

Prevention of Joint Pain after Pregnancy and Some Solutions

Prevention and treatment of pain after pregnancy includes several activities such as yoga, pilates, swimming or even certain exercises which target particular body areas. Massage and physical therapy may be beneficial as well. If the pain persists or even intensifies a woman is supposed to consult her health care provider as soon as possible. Doctors may prescribe certain supplements and a woman also needs to drink plenty of water. Fortunately, the pain eventually subsides in majority of cases.

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