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Finger joint pain

Finger joint pain is one of the most common pains that one can feel and this is because out fingers are constantly exposed and we use them for performing the many actions. Finger joint pain may be felt just in one finger or it can appear in more fingers. It happens that an injured finger does not recover properly, which means that it may remain stiff or a little bit crooked after an injury. However, these deformities are mild and do not cause any problems for accomplishing tasks. Finger joint pain can affect anyone.

Causes finger joint pain

One of the causes for the occurrence of finger joint pain is osteoarthritis, which is a condition that occurs with aging and wearing and tearing of joints. Moreover, since the body weight usually increases with age, it is also a cause for the occurrence of this condition. Those who have jobs for which typing is required usually suffer from finger joint pain. One can alleviate the symptoms of finger joint pain caused by osteoarthritis by careful stretching, proper exercise and appropriate supplementation.

Another cause of finger joint pain is rheumatoid arthritis, which is an autoimmune disorder in which the body’s own immune system attacks and breaks down the joints. This condition may lead to the occurrence of many other health problems, such as muscle weakness and chest pain. The finger joint pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis in the majority of cases affects women between 40 and 60 years of age. There are some indications that rheumatoid arthritis is an inherited condition, which suggests that the one who has someone in family with this rheumatoid arthritis, should pay even more attention and start using supplementation early.

Gout may also be one of the causes of finger joint pain, and it is an inflammation of joints that may cause swelling and pain in the affected area. This condition occurs when uric acid crystals are formed in the area that surrounds joints. Gout usually affects finger joints, as well as toe joints and ankle joints.

It is also proven that in some cases Raynaud’s syndrome caused finger joint pain. This condition is characterized by numbness and tingling sensation in the fingers. Furthermore, in cold weather, or when the person is under stress, the one with Raynaud’s syndrome may experience the sensation called pins or needles. This condition may be seen on the skin because the skin becomes white and cool and then changes to blue color and becomes numb. Moreover, an injury or a trauma to the finger may cause the finger joint pain.

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