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The problem with pain in the groin can be very discomforting, and the word discomforting should be underlined here. The problem affects the groin, which is located between the abdomen and thighs. The simplest way to explain it is to say that it is a connection between the upper leg and the hip. The pain in the groin can be confused with several more conditions and problems, such as genital pain, perinea pain, and pain in lower abdominal pain. The pain in the groin is usually associated with the injury of the hip joint, though this does not always have to be the case. In these cases, the pain is felt in the groin, but it is caused by something completely different. The cause for this kind of problems is the nerve organization in the body, and the official name for this problem is referred pain.


Because of very diverse causes of the groin pain, the tests will have to be performed very meticulously and in detail in order to bring the correct diagnosis. The problem with abductor muscle can look like a problem with groin strain which causes the groin pain. Condition named tendonitis is connected with the pain felt in groin and a part of the leg. Some activities can produce pain. Rectus femoris tendon inflammation can produce pain when exercises are performed. If this condition occurs, pain in front area of the hip is experienced, so always remember to perform warm up and stretching before exercising. Condition called Gilmore’s groin mimics the groin pain when running, turning or twisting is performed. The condition named Ostitis Pubis produces a feeling of pain in the groin area, but the pain is actually experienced around the groin. The epicenter of the pain caused by this condition is in the mid-frontal area of the groin. If this condition occurs, waddling gait will have to be used.

The pain in the groin is always felt very suddenly, and it is never increases gradually. The problems experienced next, include bruising and inflammation, which are usually evident after a couple of days. This is mostly connected with problems caused by overuse of muscles and strain. Although the condition is connected with the injury of the muscles, it doesn't always need to be true. Kidney stones can produce pain in the lower back, but this pain is usually felt in the groin area. These groin problems have to be treated. Just like any other condition, the problems may become greater if the condition complicates further. You can even endanger your life. But the most common cause of the problem is overuse of muscle. This muscle rupture of tear will have to be treated, so visiting a specialist is advised.

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