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Groinarea is an area where the lower abdomen and upper tight meet, and sometimes themales feel the pain in this region. Players of hockey, soccer, football, andsome other sports, usually experience this kind of pain. Furthermore, this painalso appears as a result of some injury. It manifests itself right away orappears gradually. This pain is very discomfortable, and sometimes severe andsharp and intense. The males feel it when they lift something,while walking, bending down, or running.

It isimportant to heal the pain properly; otherwise, the persistent using of theimpaired muscles can aggravate the pain. Sometimes, the groin pain inmales can occur as a consequence of some bone injury, kidney stones, or hernia.Testicle pain can have bad influence on the groin pain, which is why it isrecommended to always consult the doctor in these situations. Thus, thephysician will established the real cause of the appearance of suchpain. There are several reasons why groin pain may happen in males.

One ofthe most frequent causes is the direct blow, resulting in swelling of thetesticles. Painkillers and warm bath can alleviate the pain. Another cause isavascular necrosis, which is the term used for the death of bone tissue thathappens because blood supply is reduced. Avulsion fracture or ligament andtendon disconnected from the bone may also cause severe pain to the groinarea. Swollen lymph nodes are also a cause for the appearance of the groinpain, because they lead to the enlarged lymph gland, which is very importantfor the body’s immune system because they fight against infections. Ascauses for the groin pain are also considered kidney stones, muscle strain, bursitisor joint inflammation, as well as testicle inflammation, which is also calledepididymitis. Furthermore, swelling of the scrotum, mumps, inguinal hernia, orthe protrusion of some tissue into the scrotum, and inflamed testicle are insome cases the reasons why the groin area is painful.

In thepersons who suffer from this pain, the physicians may also establishosteoarthritis, pinched nerve, sciatica, and scrotal masses, as crucial factorsfor the occurrence of the pain. In addition, twisted testicle, testicularcancer, urinary tract infections, varicocele, and spermatocele are also some ofthe causes why the groin pain in males occurs. One of the reasons whichcan contribute to the occurrence of the groin pain is orchitis, which isinflammation or swelling of one or both testicles. The proper medicationsand certain regular exercises can eliminate the groin pain in males.

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