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The Groins

The groins are body areas that are placed between the abdomen and the upper parts of the legs. The pain that is present in these particular areas is classified as groin pain. A variety of different causes can lead to groin pain. The intensity of the pain ranges from mild to rather severe one. Sometimes injuries can be a cause of the groin pain and this pain can be easily dealt with. The problem may be some other underlying medical condition and in this case the patient needs to be examined and the real cause has to be established as soon as possible.

Causes of Female Groin Pain

Injury is only one of the possible causes of female groin pain. The pain can be caused by direct blow in the groin area or a woman may fall and hurt this particular region. In people who are practicing sports improper stretching can lead to a sprain and result in pain.

In pregnant women pelvic joints become loosen. The burden of the baby in later stages of pregnancy can cause groin pain. Apart from pain in groins pregnant women tend to suffer from pain in the lower part of the back.

Sometimes the pain originates from other body parts and organs but spread and radiates towards groins. Kidney stones, especially those that have started their path down the ureter can cause radiating pain in groins. Apart from kidney stone, a woman may be suffering from bladder infection. Even this infection can lead to radiating pain towards groins.

Certain infections can lead to enlargement of the lymph nodes present in the groins. Lymphadenomegaly of groins can be both, painful and painless. Genital herpes in an infection caused by viruses. If the skin of the groin area has been affected it will be covered with painful papulae.

Osteomuscular conditions such as arthritis of hip joint cause pain. Fractures of the bones that form hip joint are possible cause of the groin pain.

Since large intestines reach lower parts of the abdomen even in case of inflammation of large intestines one may experience pain in groins.

Each and every genital condition can lead to pain in this area.

And finally, spine injuries such as prolapse of the disc can cause pain which does not only radiate towards groins but also tends to spread across all the length of the leg.

Diagnosis of Female Groin Pain

The doctor will examine the patient and perform certain physical tests. Additionally, he/ she may conduct further radiological examination and special tests. The treatment basically depends on the cause and once the diagnosis has been established the treatment is effective in most of the cases and successfully eliminates the groin pain.

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