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A groin pain region may break daily routine due to its irritating pain. Men and women equally suffer the condition.

Groin Pain In WomenThe area we are talking about starts with end of abdomen and the beginning of legs. There are many reasons for groin pain, external or internal. The pain may be very strong or light, that depends of the cause. Very strong groin pain needs medical check. Women get groin pain because of the kidney stones or inguinal hernia. Sometimes sport or traffic accidents may cause groin pain. There is a treatment for groin pain but it is necessary to do different tests, and in such cases, depending from the cause and according to symptoms and how strong the pain is, there are specific drugs prescribed.

Causes and Symptoms

Causes of groin pain in women are:

1) - Pregnancy:The increased loose of the pelvic joints happen due to a certain hormonal changes. The pain strikes in different stages of pregnancy, starting with lower back, upper thighs and hip joints, genital area etc.

2) - Injury of Groins: A direct blow, tearing or straining of muscle on the groin region, or direct fall may cause injury on that area.

3) - Radiating Pain:Some other disfunction of different part may lead to the pain of groins, it is a radiating pain: strain ligaments, stressed muscles, or twisted tendon fibers may cause groin pain.

4) - Genital herpes: Genital herpes may cause some groin pain. UTI patience may have groin pain.

5) - Presence of kidney stone:When stone is travelling through urethra there might be severe pain of groins.

6) - Lymph Nodes Enlargement:The swelling of lymph nodes may happen due to the infection of groins.

7) - Infections: Some bacterial infections may create lumps in the groin/loin region.

8) - Pain in Hips: An injury or infection of hip joint (trochanteric bursitis, arthritis, fracture to the hip joint, snapping hip syndrome, stress fracture may easily cause groin pain.

9) - Other Reasons:

Ischemia, large intestine infection, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID),ovarian cyst, ectopic pregnancy, strong back pain and spine injuries spasm


The exact reason of groin pain must be accurate. There are tests to diagnose the cause of a groin pain.a) - Radiological Check: Radiological tests may confirm the type of pain: lumbar X-rays, Doppler test, pelvic and, pylograms, CT scans and symphysis.

b) - Physical Check:Doctor check all swelling parts, then do abrupt exhaling exercises to see if there is a swelling due to pressure applied, also check lymph nodes on hips and back.

c) - Other Tests:There are other tests performed by doctor such as:

full blood count erythrocyte sedimentation rate test (ESR), electrolytes renal function tests microscopic urine testsurinalysisurine culture swab culturing genital herpessyphilitic ulcerchancroid

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