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Groin pain is something that women often complain about. Pain in the area under the abdomen is so common in women since it is mostly related to the women’s menstrual cycle. However, groin pain may occur in men, too, since there are various reasons that may lead to the aching in this area. The pain may vary in intensity from mild to severe and sometimes it is so agonizing that the men experiencing it cannot do some simple activities like walking or bending down.

When the groin pain in men is in question, many people refer to it as to the testicle pain. But, it is not true since the pain in this region is associated with many other conditions as well.

Causes of groin pain in men

The most sensitive part of a man’s body is the scrotum and even the slightest blow to it cause pain, not to mention a strong direct blow to the scrotum, which causes an excruciating pain. After this painful experience, the testicles tend to swell, but it can be cured after several days with supportive underwear and painkillers. The lymph glands can be found in different locations in our body, including the groin area. As a part of the immune system, they serve in fighting off some type of infection. When an infection causes swelling of the lymph nodes in this area in men, it may induce pain. Inguinal hernia is also among the responsible causes for the occurrence of the groin ache in men. This ailment is marked by the protrusion of some part of the internal structure through the wall of the abdomen. When the inguinal hernia moves into the scrotum, the sharp pain in the groin typically occurs. The groin pain in men is induced also due to the inflammation of the tube that lines the testicles and the vas deferens. In the medical circles, this condition is known as epididymitis, which is very similar to the name of the tube which is epididymis. Homosexual men, as well as those suffering from cystitis, chlamydia and gonorrhea, are most prone to develop epididymitis. Kidney stones and testicular tumor, known as Leydig cell tumor, are also among the potential culprits for the incidence of the groin pain in men. When one or both testicles are inflamed, which usually occurs in men between 19 and 35 due to some infection or sexually transmitted disease, the pain in the groins is quite normal.

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