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Introduction to high protein fruits

When a person is eating high protein fruits regularly they are ensuring that they receive essential nutrients every day and are maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Thankfully, there are many fruits to choose from that are very high in protein.

Usually when people think of high protein food they thing of fish and meat, but there are many fruits that are also great sources of protein, beta carotene and antioxidants.

Nutrition experts say that fruits are a perfect blend of amino acids and proteins and that they should be a part of every healthy diet plan.

List of high protein fruits

There are thankfully many fruits to choose from when wanting to consume high protein fruits, so a person can keep their diets and fruit intake very varied and interest.

High protein fruits are especially important for vegetarians who are not getting protein through met.

However, it is a good idea for non-vegetarians to eat them as well, because it is better to have a varying diet then just relying on animal products.

One very high protein fruit is the apple. It can be consumed raw or cooked, with the skin or without. One large apple has about 0.55 grams of protein.

One fresh apricot that weights more than 100 grams gives a person 0.49 grams of fat.

Blueberries are very high in fiber and protein. They come in many forms-raw, unsweetened or as a syrup. If a person eats 50 blueberries they will receive 0.50 grams of protein.

Dates are very sweet tasting and also have a lot of protein in them. One date has 0.20 grams of protein.

Figs can be eaten both fresh and dried and in both instances the fruit will offer a good amount of protein for the diet. A medium-sized and ripe fig offers about 0.38 grams of protein.

Mangosteen is used very commonly in various therapeutic ways and one serving of 100 grams of the fruit will have 0.41 grams of protein for the body.

Passion fruit is very tasty and exotic, it has a sour and sweet taste depending on the variety, and can be eaten in raw or juice form usually.

One passion fruit will give a person 0.40 grams of protein.

Tangerines are a great citrus fruit for protein and once cup of tangerines will amount to 0.63 grams of protein.

Avocados, bananas, coconuts, cherries, grapefruit, mangos, lemons, pears, peaches, pineapples, raspberries, raisins, strawberries, and watermelon are other excellent high protein fruits that a person can choose from when planning his or her healthy diet.

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