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Anti-aging fruits and vegetables


Human body is able to restore and heal itself, it may heal the cuts, clear up various infections, mend and repair the broken bones, among other things. It cannot fight the aging process that efficiently so it is in a terrible need of a regular intake of fresh vegetables and fruits. These food items are very efficient in maintaining proper functioning of various systems and organs in the human body and they provide the person with a longer lifespan by gradually slowing down the process of aging. They also make the person look more visually appealing since the skin is always the truest indicator of the consequences of aging. The best types of fruits and vegetables for the slowing down of the process of aging are those who contain plenty of vitamin C.  Vitamin C is very efficient in boosting the immune system and reducing the risk of cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks and other serious medical conditions. Vitamin D is another important nutrient because it maintains the health of the teeth and bones. Fruits and vegetables also contain abundant amounts of antioxidants which are very efficient in fighting off the free radicals and reducing the amount and severity of damage caused on the cellular level inside the human body. Antioxidants also help the body to repair itself from the inside. The best types of fruit which should be used include apricots, peaches, cantaloupe, apples, blueberries, bananas, grapefruits, limes, tangerines, oranges and all citrus fruits. Vegetables should contain plenty of fiber because it aids the digestion process. Such vegetables include celery, cucumbers, carrots, kale, spinach and lettuce. These food items should be incorporated into the regular diet.

Other products

There are other products which can be of great help with the aforementioned issues and those are antioxidants, green tea, vitamin D, l-glutathione, lycopene, beta carotene, selenium, vitamin E, vitamin  A and vitamins from the B complex, both in their natural and supplemental form. As it has been already said, vitamin C and vitamin D are powerful antioxidants. Vitamin A also provides certain benefits but it may reach toxic levels, so the recommended dosage should never be exceeded. The B vitamins are important for the health of the central nervous system.  Selenium can be found in bread, poultry, meat, Brazil nuts, asparagus and fish and it prevents various types of cancer. Beta carotene also prevents certain medical conditions, while l-glutathione and lycopene provide the body with abundant amounts of antioxidants. Green tea is another potent antioxidant.  

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