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High protein breakfast foods

When it comes to a complete diet, protein is perhaps the most essential nutrient. A protein is a chain of really important amino acids that can not be synthesized by the human body. Protein is an important part of the process in which the bones, muscles and joints are built and maintained. In most cases, people tend to take protein for dinner and concentrate more on carbohydrates when eating breakfast. On the contrary, it is better to have a breakfast full of high-quality protein, according to some studies. Low fat milk, lean meat and eggs have high-quality protein in them.


Every important amino acid can be found in an egg. Yolk contains fat and cholesterol besides the protein and that is why egg whites are a better choice. A good breakfast would contain an omelet of whites and skim milk with low-fat cheese and thin reduced-sodium ham. For vegetarians, there is an option of scramble with tomatoes, onions and some mushrooms. Those with good cholesterol levels may add some yolks as well.


Meat is an excellent protein source but too much of the saturated fat can edge out its benefits. Canadian bacon is a great choice for breakfast unlike regular streaky bacon. With sausages, the best choice is the lean turkey sausage. Along with the bacon or the sausage, omelet and a whole-wheat toast make for an excellent breakfast full of protein.


A fresh high-protein smoothie should contain some fruit, like berries or bananas along with some nuts and peanut butter in order to have thickness, along with more protein. Oatmeal is a good choice for a protein breakfast as well. Alongside with low fat milk a person may even add half a spoon of protein powder in the mix before blending.

If a person would prefer cereal, he or she should check the ingredients before buying it, because not all cereals are that good. If a person wants a protein breakfast, he or she should buy those that are whole grain which have lots of protein and fiber.


Many agree that this is an excellent choice for a breakfast full of protein. People may even add a sliced banana and two spoons of protein powder instead of peanut butter.

Whole grain breadA toast is almost a regular part of the breakfast for many. People should just take whole grain bread instead of white and use peanut butter and not the regular butter. This is because peanut butter has 4 grams of protein in every tablespoon.

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