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Those who suffer from diabetes, need to be very careful and maintain a well balanced diet in order to control their medical condition. Diabetes is a medical condition which is characterized by reduced production of insulin hormone. When a person suffers from diabetes, his or her body cannot turn essential nutrients, starch and sugar into usable forms of energy.

Dangers of Diabetes

Diabetes combined with obesity and excessive weight gain is a very serious type of medical condition. Diabetes may affect people from all age groups, both sexes and all races. The best way to treat diabetes is to maintain a very healthy and well balanced diet, which provides the body with the widest possible array of different nutrients.

Diet for Diabetic Patients

One must consume foods that contain very little or no fat, cholesterol or sugar at all. One of the biggest concerns for all those who suffer from diabetes is whether they are allowed to eat fruit. There are certain foods which are recommended, while some others need to be avoided. Fruits are very efficient in providing numerous essential nutrients, strengthening the immune system, improving the functioning of metabolism and the digestive tract and aiding in the prevention and treatment of various types of disorders.

Fruits for Diabetic Patients

All those benefits of fruits work for those who suffer from diabetes as well. Some people think that diabetics should not consume fruits, but that could not be further from the truth. Certain types of fruits indeed do contain significant amounts of fat and sugar, so they could be considered harmful. There are also certain other fruits which contain low amounts of sugar, and abundant amounts of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Fruits which are jam packed with higher quantities of dietary fiber need to be consumed only in moderate amounts. The best types of fruits for all those who suffer from diabetes include avocado, cherries, lime, olives, kiwifruit, pears, apricots, pomegranates, blueberries, grapefruit, rose apple, apple, papaya, watermelon, plums, strawberries and muskmelon.

Fruits Diabetics Should Avoid

There are certain types of fruit which should definitely be avoided by all those who suffer from diabetes, mainly because they contain significantly higher amounts of fat and sugar. Those types of fruit include peaches, custard apples, grapes, mangoes and bananas. These are very rich in sugar and they have a very high glycemic index. Those who suffer from diabetes also need to steer clear of fruit juices, unless they have no sweetening substances contained.

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