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Low carb diet plan for vegetarians

Diet plans are very popular nowadays. It is a good way for people to lose unwanted weight and simply live a healthier life. For people who want to get into shape really fast a lot of experts will recommend the Atkins diet plan. This particular diet is low on carbohydrates and because of that the calories which are stored will get used up. However, this is an excellent diet plan to loose weight for people who are not vegetarians. Vegetarians might have some problems with coming up with a good diet plan that is low on carbohydrates. However, vegetarians can make such a diet because protein will compensate for low carbohydrates. Essentials of low carbohydrate diet plan

Proteins are very important for energy and metabolism and cannot be excluded from any diet. Even people who go on the Atkins diet continue with the intake of proteins. A person should intake at least 2 grams of protein for every pound of body weight.

Fruits are in almost every low carbohydrate diet. Fruits are good because they have lots of vitamins and few calories and carbohydrates. Strawberries, pears and dried fruits are excellent and should be a part of every low carb diet.

Vegetables should be added gradually. Leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce are excellent for people who want lighter stuff. Onions and peppers can be added because of the flavor. Apart from these, broccoli, green beans, cauliflower and turnip are a good choice for this kind of diet.

When it comes to adding herbs and fungi to a low carb diet plan a person can always add mushrooms. Mushrooms are widely used as a substitute for meat in burgers and sausages. Herbs are good to add to the meals because they will enhance the taste and they contain practically no carbohydrates at all. Low carb diet menu plan

Here is a good example of how the meals can look like in a diet like this. For breakfast a person can take a cup of organic soy milk and add half a cup of uncooked organic oats. When soaked, a person should add four chopped walnut halves. Along with this a person can have an orange.

Lunch should consist of 6 cups of salad. In this salad should be included things like lettuce, carrot, red cabbage, cucumber, celery, tomato and either red or yellow pepper. A person can dress this salad with vinegar and three quarters of baked and marinated tofu with low carb oil.

For a snack a person can have a fruit or a handful of nuts with three cups of yogurt with a chopped peach in it.

For dinner a person can prepare half a cup of brown rice and one whole wheat tortilla. Along with this he or she can have three servings of green vegetables cooked in no more than two tablespoons of oil. For dessert a person can have 0.07 oz of dark chocolate.

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