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Causes of Pain

Pain on the top of the foot may be caused by numerous different medical conditions and the specific cause can only be determined by carefully examining the location and the type of pain. Sudden pain that is not associated with any traumas may be an indication of a stress fracture of the metatarsal bone. It is also characterized by swelling. Sometimes, the cause of pain may be an inflammation of the tendons that lead to the toes and this condition is medically referred to as extensor tendonitis.

One of the most common causes of pain on the top of the foot is when the calf muscles become excessively tight. It causes the tendons located on the top of the foot to become stressed excessively. The stress can be relieved by wearing shoes equipped with a one inch heel. The condition can also be relieved by using certain types of anti-inflammatory medications and stretching the calf muscles. If these solutions cannot be of any help, the patient needs to use an orthotic in order to realign the foot properly. The pain on the top of the foot can also be caused by a condition called osteoarthritis which is characterized by bony swelling.

Degenerative arthritis can cause pain on the top of the foot and it is characterized by bone spurring. This condition usually gets triggered by pressure. The treatment requires the use of anti-inflammatory medicaments and orthotics. Another condition that may be the cause of pain on the top of the foot is tarsal coalition.

In this condition, the bones get fused together in a rather abnormal manner. It can be treated by orthotics, while severe cases require surgical intervention. Sometimes the cause of pain may be a fractured navicular bone which is very hard to diagnose. It needs to be treated by limited activity, anti-inflammatory medicaments, orthotics, while severe cases need to be taken care of surgically.

Sometimes the ligaments of the sinus tarsi area can become inflamed and cause the top of the foot to become painful. The ttreatment requires calf muscle stretching, cortisone injections, orthotics and certain types of anti-inflammatory drugs. Sciatic pain may occur and get extended downwards to the foot. Sometimes the interosseous muscles get strained and cause the pain at the top of the foot.

Other Causes of Pain

Tendonitis can be the cause of pain. Sometimes ganglions can get formed and be the cause of pain at the top of the foot. Some other causes include hammertoes, sprained foot and Morton’s neuroma.

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