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There are various reasons why a person might experience a tingling sensation in his or her toes. In most cases the tingling is accompanied by numbness and loss of sensation in a specific part of the leg. A tingling sensation occurs because of the damage or injury to certain nerves.

Tingling toes causes

In cases of minor toes tingling, it usually occurs because a person was sitting cross legged or with his or her foot under the body for not a short period of time. A tingling sensation in the toes can be felt after a person had been sitting for a long time with his or her legs hanging in the air. These were the causes of minor cases but there are some things that lead to severe tingling sensation in toes.


In most severe cases of tingling it is because of a certain injury. There are lots of ways how a person can injure his or her foot. In some cases people experienced tingling toes during the night because they had flat feet. A surgery to the vertebrae can also cause tingling and numb toes.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome

This condition occurs when the tarsal nerve becomes inflamed because of the compression in the tarsal tunnel. There are many causes of this syndrome like rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and improper sports activities or exercises. Apart from the tingling toes a person with this syndrome may also experience pain and burning sensations in the leg, tingling in ankles, swelling feet and several more.


This is considered to be one of the most painful conditions that occurs when the sciatic nerve gets compressed or impinged. Since the sciatic nerve runs all the way from the back to the leg a person will suffer from pain that starts from the lower back and ends up in the feet.


A fair number of pregnant women experience numbness and tingling sensation in toes and finger during the pregnancy. This happens mainly because of the excess weight and then the sciatic nerve gets compressed. This excess weight is also known to lead to herniated disc which is also a known cause of numbness in feet and toes.

A person may also experience tingling toes because of lumbar spinal stenosis, multiple sclerosis, ruptured or herniated disc and several more reasons. A person should go to the hospital if the tingling sensation lasts for more than a day and especially if the tingling sensation is accompanied with some other symptoms.

Tingling toes treatment

A proper diagnosis is essential in order to treat the problem properly. The treatment will depend on the severity and the cause of the condition. Physical therapy, medications and surgery are the usual options. Sometimes all three are combined in order to help a person treat the problem.

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