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Experiencing pain in the foot can be very troublesome. In the following text we will talk about several causes for this pain. Pain in the bottom part of the foot usually suggests heel spurs, heel pain or plantar facilities. Pain induced by these conditions is increased if foot has been immobile for a while. This happens almost every morning when you get out of you bed. These conditions produce pain and ache in the inside margin and the center of the heel. Some people can experience pain in the bottom foot. These people usually ruin their shoes very quickly. Falling arches and flat feet produce these effects. There are many diverse cases. Usually corns and hardened skin on the foot occur but in some serious cases pain from the bottom of the foot can expand to knee, calf or even hip.

Nerve connecting the 3rd and 4th toe is the main reason for Morton\'s neuroma. The swelling of this nerve will produce pain in the sole area of the foot. Metatarsal pain is very common and very painful. This pain occurs in the region just before the toes. Pain in the ball of the foot (popular name for metatarsal area) suggests the metatarsalgia. It usually happens if this region is under a great pressure for considerable time. So, it is important to wear comfortable and fitting shoes. Women have to be careful not to cramp and squeeze their toes in dress shoes. If your shoes are giving you trouble and pain while walking, the chances are your metatarsal head will inflame and develop metatarsalgia. Pressure on the second, third and fourth metatarsal head cause this condition. Lesion of skin located usually on the bottom part of the foot is a problem which generally affects adults but also children. This skin lesion, no wider than one centimeter, is called verruca or plantar warts. In some cases several other lesions can gather around the main lesion. If you are experiencing this, you have a condition named mosaic wart. The last cause for the foot pain we\'ll mention are corns. They happen because of the pressure on the foot caused by unfitting footwear. The result is thickened skin located between and top of the toes or the foot sole. These corns are very painful especially if they entangle with some nerves and become inflamed or swollen.

The text above lists several possible causes for the foot pain. Pain produced by these conditions may sometimes be serious, and, in these situations, medical advice can help ease the pain.

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