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Information on Foot Pain

Most people who experience foot pain find it hard to walk and they also have plenty of troubles keeping up normal everyday activities. There are quite a few different factors and medical conditions that may be the cause of painful sensations at the bottom of the foot.

Causes of Painful Soles

Some of the most common factors that can cause the bottom of foot to become painful are certain medical conditions, such as heel spurs, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. These conditions can be characterized by constant dull pain which gets accompanied periodically by sharp pain which usually occurs at the inside heel margin or the center of the heel. The pain usually gets worse after resting during the night and it can get significantly aggravated if the patient wears ill fitting shoes.

Falling arches and flat feet may also lead to painful sensations at the bottom of the foot. The severity of the actual condition is the determining factor when it comes to the variety of different symptoms but must cases include corns and tenderness. Corns are a condition in which a person has hard skin at the soles of the feet.

Some severe cases of these conditions may also involve knee pain, calf pain or hip pain. Another medical condition that may be associated with the pain at soles of the feet is called Morton’s neuroma.

Neuroma is the medical term for a swollen nerve. The particular affected nerve in this condition is usually the one that connects the third and the fourth toe on the foot. Metatarsalgia is another medical condition which causes the bottoms of the feet to become painful in most cases.

The condition can be characterized by painful sensations in the metatarsal region of the patient’s foot. The condition is rather common and it usually affects the bones and joints located at the ball of the foot, because the metatarsal region is actually the one located before the toes.

The condition affects the inner three metatarsal heads and in some rare cases it may also affect the first metatarsal head which is located near the big toe. The metatarsal heads tend to be rather painful and in some cases they may also be affected by inflammatory conditions.

This is usually caused by excessive pressure applied over prolonged periods of time. Plantar warts are skin lesion which can sometimes become rather painful. The aforementioned corns can also lead to painful sensations at the bottom of the foot.

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