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Tingling Toes Facts

The sensation of tingling toes can be caused by various reasons. It may appear due to some nerve injury or damage. Sometimes it doesn`t have to have anything to do with the toes at all. Tingling may last from couple of minutes to couple of hours. However, if the tingling sensation in your foot or toes lasts for more than one day, then you should definitely visit a doctor.

Causes of Tingling Toes

Some people may experience the tingling in their toes because they sat with their legs crossed for a long period of time, or their legs were hanging in the air for quite a while. These are often harmless symptoms and they go away in a couple of minutes. However, there are some serious causes of tingling toes. Any kind of foot injury can cause the tingling sensation in toes, but it may also appear due to the surgery to the vertebrae.

Another cause of tingling toes can be a condition called tarsal tunnel syndrome. When the tarsal tunnel is compressed, the tarsal tunnel nerve becomes inflated and a person may experience swelling in feet, tingling in ankles, burning and pain in toes or legs, etc. There is a similarity between the tarsal tunnel syndrome and the carpal tunnel syndrome noticed in hands. Causes of the tarsal tunnel syndrome include improper exercises or sports activities, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. The sciatic nerve, which expands itself from the spinal cord over hip and buttock area and finishes in the lower part of your leg, usually leads to severe pain in your back, which is followed by tingling in your toes. The condition is called sciatica and its symptoms may be numbness in toes or tingling sensation.

The next cause of tingling toes may be pregnancy. Gaining weight during pregnancy can lead to compression of the sciatic nerve, herniated disc or sciatica and these symptoms cause the numbness, back pain and tingling in toes and feet. However, the tingling sensation in toes and foot during pregnancy is subsided after the birth of the child.

There are many more causes of tingling toes among which are multiple sclerosis and lumbar spinal stenosis.


The most important thing in the process of curing a certain disease is making the right diagnosis. There are several ways for the treatment of tingling toes. Surgery, physical therapy or medications are some of the possible treatments. In the case of tarsal tunnel syndrome, the combination of the physical therapy and medications is used. Sometimes, the doctor will take an X-ray for more appropriate diagnosis. As in any other medical condition, it is essential to pay attention to the symptoms.

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