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Is there really food that burns fat?

Even though it might sound like it is impossible, the truth is that some foods can burn calories and fat, which is primarily due to their richness either in protein or in fiber. Both protein and fiber require a lot of energy in order to be digested, a lot more than fat. Some of the best fat burners are the following:

Oatmeal which is not sweetened and which does not have sugary flavor is one of the best choices, it is rich in fiber and it is perfect for the morning, since it makes a person feel full longer. Eggs are also rich in protein, but those who have problems with increased levels of cholesterol should not choose this option because it might have a negative effect on this health issue. They might even choose to eat egg whites only, because yolk is usually the reason why the levels of cholesterol increase. Nuts, and almonds in particular, can also prolong the feeling of fullness, but the person needs to take them in moderate amounts, which means not more than 20 or 25 almonds a day. Otherwise, they might have no effect on the loss of weight, since too many calories will be taken in. Dairy products, but only those which are low in fat, are also something that should be considered. Those who consume dairy products should choose this variety because a study on this issue was conducted and this potential of low fat dairies was proven. Olive oil has the power to control hunger, although not many people are aware of it. The same goes for canola oil, but it is necessary to avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils, since they contain unhealthy fats. Berries are another rich source of fiber, and it does not matter which type of berries is chosen. Still, this does not mean that jelly made of berries is recommended, for instance, because it is nothing but a junk food. Legumes and beans are full of both, fiber and protein, and it is a good idea to replace one meal made of meat with a meal made of beans. Still, people need to be aware of the fact that refried beans do not belong to the healthy and fat burning foods because they are rich in saturated fat. Peanut butter is also a waist-friendly type of food, which comes as a surprise to many. This is mostly because of niacin that it contains, but it is important not to exaggerate. Two tablespoons are more than enough for one day and make sure that it does not contain sugar.

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