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How does food burn calories?

The idea of eating and burning fat with the food may sound strange but it does work. This thermogenic diet is based on a principle according to which the digestion of certain foods requires more energy and thus calories. In addition, some foods speed up the metabolism and cause it to burn more calories than it would if a person were just dieting and exercising.

This diet is not really a diet, which is a good thing. It requires much less sacrifice and a person gets to eat much more that he or she normally would in a classic diet. It is more of a lifestyle change and it can lead to excellent results if followed thoroughly.

Fat burning foods

Spicy foods like jalapeno, cayenne peppers and habaneros are an excellent way to kick-start the metabolism. It has been proven that eating these foods boosts the metabolism up to 25 percent.

Eggs may not be very popular today because it is believed they raise the cholesterol levels but if eaten only few times a week they can contribute to weight loss. This is because eggs are rich in protein, which takes more energy to process in the body, and they also contain B12, a vitamin believed to destroy fat cells.

Green tea has many health benefits, mostly because it contains epigallocatechin gallate, a powerful antioxidant known for its ability to –prevent many serious diseases, including cancer. As for fat burning, it stimulates the nervous system, making the body burn more calories. It works particularly well if combined with caffeine.

Skim milk is also a good fat burning food because of the calcium. It is scientifically proven that high calcium intake makes the body burn calories faster, and carbohydrates in milk regulate insulin levels as well.

Beans are good source of protein and protein is essential for muscle gain. Muscle cells burn calories much faster than fat cells.

Whole grains are always a better choice than processed grains for many reasons. They contain complex carbohydrates, which do not cause increase in insulin levels. This means that the body does not go into the mode in which it stores fat. Oatmeal is beneficial for similar reasons.

As for the meat and fish, the best choices for fat burning are salmon, tuna, sardines, turkey, chicken, lean beef, and even lean pork.

They are good because they contain protein, and fish, especially cold water fatty fish like salmon, contains omega-3 essential fatty acids that control leptin levels and speed up the metabolism.

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