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Muscle injuries are very common and not only among those whoplay some sport. They might be of different nature and involve different areas,but an inevitable symptom that indicates them is the same – the pain. Dependingon the type of the muscle injury, as some of the accompanying signs swelling, spasm, numbness,bruising or limited range of motion might occur, or the person might be unableto move the affected part of the body at all. Each kind of muscle injuryrequires some kind of treatment and time to heal, and in cases in whichphysiotherapy is a part of the rehabilitation, there are some exercises that might be of help. The main purpose of these exercises is to prevent stiffnessof the injured muscle and the loss of the muscle tone, which could only have anegative effect on the injury and prolong the time that is needed for theinjury to heal and muscle to recover. Since the back and the knee are the twomost commonly injured areas, the focus will be on the exercises for thesemuscles.

Exercises for muscle injuries in the back area

While in lying position with bent knees and feet on thefloor, the person should tilt the hips back and arch the back a little. There isno need for forcing any movement, since one practically leads to another. Then thehips should be tilted forward not lifting the bottom of the floor.While lying on the stomach with the chin on the ground, thearms should be bent in a way that hands are near the head with the palms on thefloor. The head should be lifted up slowly so that the back could arch, but itis important that the hips remain on the ground. The arms should take the weight.

Exercises for muscle injuries in the knee

While sitting on the ground with the legs stretched and left handunder the left knee, the person should contract the quadriceps in order for theknee to push down on the hand. This requires that the heel is lifted up. After holdingthe position for approximately 10 seconds, the exercise should be repeated forthe other knee. However, if a person finds it difficult to perform thisexercise, then it might help to place the pillow under the knee.While lying on the back, the person should bend one knee ina way that the foot is on the ground. The other leg should remain straight andlifted for approximately a foot from the ground. After holding the position for 5seconds, the exercise should be repeated for another leg.

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