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Cucumber is a vegetable that almost everybody likes. It is very refreshing during hot summer days and it hydrates our body. Cucumber is not only good for hydration, but it has many other benefits and here we will discuss about the cucumber nutrition value. Cucumbers can have different shape and color. There are some vegetables from the family of cucumbers that we consume and most of us don’t really know that they are related, such as squash or muskmelon.
Cucumber nutrition facts
In most cases, we eat fresh cucumbers and therefore, we will provide you nutrition facts on fresh and raw cucumbers. However, these facts are different if you eat this vegetable with some other food. If we take half a cup of cucumbers or 52 g, then we will enter 49.5g of water. There is also 7.8 calories and 0.3g of proteins, but when it comes to minerals, there are phosphorus (12.5mg), potassium (76.4mg), magnesium (6.8mg) and folic acid (3.6mcg). Cucumber also contains vitamin C and in a half a cup there is 1.5mg of this vitamin, 1,9g of carbohydrates, and 0.1g of fat.
Why are cucumbers healthy?
Cucumber is the best at the end of spring and beginning of summer, to be more precise, from May through July. During those days, you can find cucumbers that are fresh and very tasty. However, today's technology allows us to consume these vegetables during the whole year. You can find different cucumbers, those with the seeds and those without them inside. There are few differences between these two varieties, and the main is that cucumbers with seeds can sometimes be hard to chew.
As you could see, cucumbers contain high amounts of water, but they are also very rich in fibers. This tells you that cucumbers can be very helpful for problems with dehydration. Fibers that are in this vegetable promote the functioning of the digestive tract and protect us from health problems with alimentary canal. It is also very good for our urinary tract, since it promotes urination and prevents kidney and bladder illnesses. Vitamins and minerals in cucumbers are very important for maintaining health of our liver and pancreas. As most of you already know, cucumber is widely used in cosmetic skin treatments. We have to mention that this vegetable is very good for a healthy skin when applied on the skin, but when consumed also. Juice made from cucumbers is quite efficient in preventing dental caries and gum disease.

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