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Delicious andnutritious

Many would disapproveof this, but the fact still remains that the pork meat is both savory and packed withall sorts of nutrients. What has contributed, to a great extent, to itsworldwide fame is the fact that it is available in a whole lot of different varietiessuch as roasted pork, grilled and smoked pork. And just as manyother meat varieties, pork is known to abound in nutrients and is thusconsidered quite desirable, in proper amounts that is.

Pork varieties andnutritional values

Cooked pork – when it comes to thisvariety of the above mentioned class of meat, as far as energy value it goes allthe way to 242 Kcal, the quantity of saturated fats is 5.23 g, monosaturatedfats are present with 6.19 g, whereas polyunsaturated with 1.2 g and proteinswith 27.32 g. As far as vitamins are concerned, people would be amazed at howmany different vitamins, and beneficial come to that, pork holds – vitamin B1as much as 65% of the required daily value, vitamin B2 22%. vitamin B3 47%,vitamin B6 36%, vitamin B12 29%, calcium 2%, iron 7%, zinc 24%, magnesium 8%and phosphorus as much as 35%. All of the above stated values relate to 100 gof pork, and daily value count is 2000 calories required by an adult person.

Ground pork – energy values are 75Kcal, the quantity of saturated fats is 2 g, monosaturated fats are presentwith 3 g, polyunsaturated with 1 g and last, but not the least, proteins with 5g. Vitamin list goes as follows: vitamin B1 makes up for 14% of the neededdaily value, vitamin B2 with 4%, vitamin B3 with 6%, vitamin B6 with 5%,vitamin B12 with 3%, potassium 2%, iron 1%, zinc 4%, magnesium 1%, phosphorus5%. The amount of pork taken into account here is 28 g, whereas daily valuepercentage is out of 2000 calories.

Grilled pork – the values are asfollows: energy value 322 Kcal, saturated fats 2.8 g, monosaturated fats 3.57g, polyunsaturated fats 2.19 g and proteins with 22.76 g. On the other hand, vitamin counts are: vitamin B1 38% of prescribed daily value, vitamin B2 18%,vitamin B3 28%, vitamin B6 17%, vitamin B12 8%, potassium 12%, Iron 13%, zinc15%, magnesium 10%, phosphorus 20%. The data relates to one pork barbecue serving,and the same amount of calories as the two above.

Roasted pork – following thefootsteps of its “relatives”, this pork variety enriches person’s diet with 590 Kcal,13 g of saturated fats, 15 g of monosaturated fats, 3 g of polyunsaturated fatsand 66 g of proteins. As for the vitamins, vitamin B1 145% of daily value,vitamin B2 38%, vitamin B3 66%, vitamin B6 44%, vitamin B12 24%, potassium 25%,iron 14%, zinc 34%, magnesium 13% and phosphorus 54%. The serving size inquestion is 85 g, for 2000 calories.

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