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Human race can have five senses and sight is one of them. If problem with eyes occur, problem with seeing thins begins. The most usual vision defects are short sightedness and long sightedness as well as astigmatism and presbyopia.
Short sightedness or Myopia describes vision defects with focusing in faraway things and picture of them or it is fuzzy, but the close things are clear. The cure for this is wearing the concave lens.
Long sightedness or Hypermetropia situation is opposite then Myopia. Hypermetropia describes vision defects with with focusing close objects and the distant ones are seen clearly. The cure for this is wearing the convex lens.
Astigmatism is defection of the eye where the cornea is oval as an alternative beings spherical. Myopia or hypermetropia can come arround with this condition. To correct this usage of astigmatic lens is advisable.
Presbyopia is the disorder where the lens becomes firm and lose softness, as well as focus on close stuff. Although it happens to people after forty years of age, and that is individual it can be curative by wearing the convex lens while looking close or reading.
Watching television from close or working on computer, for longer time, as well as reading in insufficient light, or even some diets with insufficient vitamin A, are source of problems with eyes.

Here are some good proposals for home eye treatment.
Mixture of rose water with lime juice in proportion 1:1 ,can be used as eye drop. Vitamin A and its consumption is very important for good vision. During summers at least 100 grams of mangoes should be eaten by day. Ingestion of substance carotenoid which can be found in spinach can inhibit eye problems. Vitamin C decrease emerging cataracts.

To decrease the weakness of the eyes eat walnuts. To heal myopia leave green bottle of water it to the sun, and after few days use it to wash the eyes. Also if you want to use diets to cure myopia you can make mixture of fennel, grind almonds and sugar candy and store it in glass jar. Afterward on daily bases by night eat about ten grams with a cup of milk.
The effective treatment for for eyes can be massage of foot with mustard oil in daily basis. Keeping away from from microwaves and x-rays because such radiation can damage the eyes. Smoking is the next thing to evade in order to save eyes.
Boiled fennel seeds and cooled is a very good for eye drops. 10 grams of onion juice, 10 grams honey and 2 grams Borneo camphor, combine it together, store it in a glass jar for every night applying. For good for vision consummation of tomatoes and carrots are recommended.
Tonic from triphala is god for washing the eyes and as such to care for your eyes. Also if you want to reduce tension, you should wash your eyes with cold water. Doing exercises with eyes cab also be good home remedy, and it is also recommended.

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