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Eye tracking

Everyday activities like reading newspapers, watching televisionor spending time at a computer can lead to eye tracking problems. Eyes are very important and one of the most used body parts and many people have difficultiesin reading or focusing on certain objects. There are two required things forthe perfect sight. The first one is the ability to see sharp at the distance of20 feet and it is called 20/20 eyesight. The second one focusing on thebinocular coordination meaning that both eyes should coordinate as a team. Manychildren have eye tracking problems and esophoria and exophoria are forms of this problem. Namely, esophoria makes the eyes to see objects smaller thanthey actually are. The other one, exophoria makes the eyes to develop adisability to focus on objects. For people with exophoria it may be difficult toread.

Symptoms of eye tracking

There are noticeable and visible symptoms that indicate theeye tracking problems. For some people it can be difficult to copy down sentencesor words from the blackboard. If you are closing one eye to focus on the textyou need to read, than it clearly means you have eye tracking problems. Missing outa word while reading or reading the same line, blurred and words floatingaround, putting a finger beneath the lines can be some of the symptoms of theeye tracking problems. Also if you experience a headache or need to rub youreyes after reading, if you experience dizziness while reading for some time and eye fatigue, youneed to know that these are also indicators of the problems with eye tracking.

Causes of eye tracking

While reading we make small pauses and jumps between groups ofwords. We move our eyes to the next group of words after each pause. The perfectcoordination of jumps and pauses is made by peripheral and central visualsystem. Peripheral visual system is focusing on the following part of the texttelling us where we should look next, while the central visual system isfocusing on the words that we are looking at. Distracted coordination betweenthe peripheral and central visual system can lead you to have difficultieswhile reading and creates eye tracking problems.

It is very important to give your eyes a rest. There aremany eye tracking exercises that can help you reduce the eye strain and cureyour eye problems. If your child has eye tracking problems, you shouldn`tneglect the symptoms because there are eye tracking exercises that can help your child improvehis/her eye vision. Some kids who have problems with eye tracking can oftenhave low self-confidence and be ashamed of it. You need to take care of the eyetracking problems properly in order to have a better vision.

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