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Our eyes are sensitive organs which grant us our vision. However, if we are not careful, we might expose our eyes to excessive straining through reading, working at the computer or driving a car for too long. This can lead to vision problems and discomfort felt in the eyes. In most cases, resting removes symptoms and regenerates the eyes. However, if symptoms remain, you are advised to seek medical assistance.

Signs of Eyestrain

Some of the first indicators of your eyes needing proper resting are burning, soreness, itching and tiredness affecting these organs. Additionally, the eyes may become watery or excessively dry, which leads to blurred vision or seeing double. Alternatively, your neck and back may be affected by eyestrain too, causing you to feel pain and soreness in these body parts, as well as the shoulders. Finally, your eyes may seem to be very sensitive to light, once they have been exhausted from hard work.

However, staring at the computer screen for too long may result in several other symptoms including focus problems once you try to switch between looking at the screen and at a sheet of paper, for example. Also, you may experience afterimages once you turn your vision away from the screen, or be bothered by color fringes affecting your sight.

If double vision, headaches, severe vision deterioration or excessive eye discomfort appear and remain present, seek medical help.

Reasons behind Eye Strain

One of the most common reasons behind eye strain is, of course, excessive time spend at the computer. Right behind it is reading for too long or using the microscope for a long time. Driving is tiring for both the eyes and the rest of the body. Furthermore, being exposed to strong or poor lights for a long time may take its toll on the eyes too.

Regardless of the cause, you should seek medical assistance as soon as your vision gets affected in any way, since ignoring this problem may lead to matters getting irreparably worse.

Treatment for Eye Strain

Commonly, dealing with the cause of eyestrain will remove the condition from your life. Yet, in some cases, you might need to wear glasses or contract lenses. Alternative, your doctor may recommend eye exercises in order for you to help your eyes fully recover.

As for certain lifestyle modifications which can prevent eyes train, you can avoid using too strong or too weak illumination during reading. Rather, make sure you are using a shaded light which is not shining directly into your eyes. The same goes when watching TV. Namely, do not do this in the dark. Rather, keep the room mildly illuminated.

Finally, when you are working at the computer, stay away from the screen, keeping a healthy distance of about 20 inches or more. Make sure that excessive glare is absent and that the monitor is showing images of optimal resemblance to the natural ones. Keep the screen clean and make sure you are looking directly at the monitor.

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