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Eyestrain and how serious is it?

Eyestrain is a consequence of excessive use of eye muscles, which is very common in activities such as reading, watching television, working at a computer for a longer period, or doing any other activity that requires eye muscle to be in one position for too long. As a result of tightening of inner eye muscles, the person will probably notice that eyes are becoming dry, irritated and that they begin to hurt.

Eyestrain may also affect the vision, so it may become blurred or even doubled, the person may become more sensitive to light, but the fact is that problems such as sore neck and back, as well as headache and pain in the shoulders may occur, too. Even though generally this is not a serious problem, there are cases in which it may be a symptom of some underlying condition, such as eye muscle imbalance, or some other condition.

Treatment of eyestrain

Even though, the nature of certain jobs requires the excessive use of eye muscles, which further means that the eyestrain is practically inevitable for people whose jobs are of such kind, there are some steps that can and should be taken in order to reduce the strain. For example, people who work at computer a lot are advised to adjust the contrast and brightness on the monitor and to turn off all the lights, or at least some, to close blinds and shades or use glare-reducing screen. It is also necessary to keep the monitor clear, keyboard directly in front of the monitor, and reference materials beside the monitor, preferably at the same level. Taking short breaks may also be helpful and may make the strain go away.

Wearing glasses when doing only particular activities may help some people to reduce eyestrain, but there are also exercises that may be done in order to focus at different distances better and easier. Rest is also helpful, as well as certain techniques and even medications. In cases when there is some underlying condition, the treatment of the condition may help with reduction of eyestrain. After all, it is good to know that although this problem may be extremely unpleasant, besides the fact that it may affect the ability to concentrate, or that it can make a person feel tired, there are no other consequences that can be expected, neither long-term, nor short-term.

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