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Facts about Pain in the Back of the Eye

Even though rare, there are cases when people experience pain in the area in the back of their eye. This pain may migrate to the forehead or the temples, causing a pressure sensation which may be quite uneasy and bothersome. Usually, we experience eye pain due to injuries which were inflicted to the front part of our sight organs. However, pain in the back of the eye takes place due to different causes. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

Reasons behind Pain in the Back of the Eye

Glaucoma is a condition which affects the optical nerve. Since there are different types of glaucoma, some of which can completely damage one's optic nerve, causing blindness, this condition needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. Taking into consideration that pain in the back of the eye may be a sign of glaucoma, it may also be considered as a sign of a gradual sight loss. Basically, our optic nerve is the main connection between our eyes and our brain. Logically, if it is affected, our sight is jeopardized too. Alternatively, the optic nerve may get inflamed, due to a bacterial infection, leading to this pain and the possibility of vision loss.

Migraines may trigger pain in the back of the eye as well. These are nothing more than persistent, strong headaches. However, they might sometimes happen for certain ocular problems which have been left untreated. Moreover, the pain can start as a mild one and evolve into an unbearable one. Since migraines can also be a symptom of something more serious, you are advised not to ignore this condition, especially if it affects your eyes in any way.

Sometimes, a tear film in our eyes, which supplies them with fluid, stops working properly, we may suffer from dry eyes. This condition causes pain and irritation in the eyes, as well as a burning sensation which can be quite troubling, giving birth to the pain behind the eyes too.

Multiple sclerosis, being a condition which attacks our nerves can affect the previously mentioned optic nerve as well, damaging it. This results in pain and gradual loss of vision.

Finally, there is an additional culprit. Namely, sinusitis may lead to the pain in the back of the eye as well. Since our sinuses are four cavities in our head which produce mucus, they are very important for keeping our air passageways clean and free of harmful microorganisms. Yet, sometimes, these might get infected, producing excessive mucus which blocks the sinuses and spreads the inflammation. The inflamed sinuses press the eyes and trigger the pain in the back of the eye in some cases.

Early detection is crucial when it comes to all of these conditions. Thus, seek medical assistance as soon as you notice pain in the back of your eye.

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