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There are a lot of people who have various back problems. It is extremely important that a person maintains a healthy back and does not let his or her back become weak and fragile. Pain in the back can sometimes be so severe that a person will not be able to perform normal everyday activities. Acute back pain is definitely one of the causes. In order to prevent this from happening a person needs to exercise regularly. Exercises are an important part of the maintenance of a healthy back. A lot of people have a busy schedule and it is difficult for them to include exercises into their daily plan but they need to realize that it is important for their general health, not just a healthy back. A person can participate in some sort of sport or recreational activity to better the state of his or her back.

What activities may help to strengthen a weak back?

One of the best exercises for both back and general health is walking. When a person walks he or she should also aim in order to make the back more strong. When walking, a person should avoid dragging his or her feet and make sure that the shoulders are positioned naturally and not leaning forward. Posture is important for a healthy back.

Jogging is also a good exercise for back strengthening. Even though there is a possible danger a person may damage his or her joints , it is still considered one of the best exercises for the back.

Which activities may not help to strengthen a fragile back?

Swimming is excellent for the arms, shoulders and upper back but it may not be necessarily focused on strengthening the back muscles.

People with a history of a weak back should avoid bodybuilding. Lots of people hurt their back by doing certain exercises or doing the exercises improperly.

Bicycling is a great exercise for the cardiovascular fitness but there are certain limitations when it comes to strengthening of the back muscles. If a person decides to cycle a lot he or she should pay attention to certain things. For instance, the frame of the bicycle needs to fit a person's body size. The handlebars need to be at the appropriate height so that a person does not lean forward. Proper leg distance with bicycle pedals need to be maintained. A person should not reach for the pedals.

A lot of people enjoy golf but it is not good for the back because of the constant swinging of the club.

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