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Balance exercises for athletes

Balance exercises and their importance

Even though the majority of people who start to exercise focus only on exercises that will help them either to reduce excessive weight, or to build up their muscles, the fact is that a small number of people is familiar with balance exercises and their importance. The number of people who perform them is even smaller, since many find that they are not worthy the time and efforts, and thus simply ignore them. Still, these exercises are of particular importance for athletes and there is more than one reason for that. First of all, they help them condition their muscles and improve reflexes. Aside from this, they also play a part in avoiding injury and correcting the imbalance of the muscles. Depending on the sport that the person is into, the balance exercises can be general and specific for that particular sport.

Balance exercises that should be done

  • One-leg pouches is an exercise done while standing on one leg and with 1kg hand weights. The other leg should not touch the supporting leg, and while the punches in the air and above the head are altered, the supporting knee needs to be kept soft. Then lateral punching above the height of the shoulder should substitute the previous punching, which should be substituted by crossover punches above the head. Then all this should be repeated while standing on the other leg.
  • Single leg squat and reach requires from the person who does the exercise to hold some object in front but as far away as possible. While standing on the right leg, the left foot should be raised off the floor and the right knee slowly bent. Since the object is held in the right hand, the person needs to try to reach it with the left arm as well and extend the left foot after reaching the object. After the position is held for five seconds, the person can return to the initial position and try to do the same while standing on the other leg.
  • Core balance is done while sitting on the exercise ball, which should not move. When the person learns to do this exercise and when it becomes too easy to perform it, sitting upright and maintaining the balance while both legs are lifted off the floor should be tried.

There is a number of other exercises that can be done with the exercise ball and that also help with balance.

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