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A majority of men who exercise tends to focus more on everymuscle of the upper part of the body, particularly shoulders, chest and biceps, thus neglecting the lower part of the body. This is more than wrong,particularly for those who want to look more attractive in the eyes of women,since the female part of the population finds this part of the body equally attractive when it is not saggy oroverlarge, which should be a reason more for men to start doing something in order toimprove the looks of the gluteal muscles.

Buttocks exercises for men that work

Five more than useful exercises that affect the gluteal musclesin a positive way and that every man can do even out of gym are squats, gluteuskickback, step ups, standing butt squeeze and leg abduction exercise.

Squats are great not only for the butt, but for flexibilityand strength, and they engage several muscle groups. If they are done with abarbell over the shoulders, then even the upper part of the body benefits fromsquats.Gluteus kickback are done while on hands and knees andwhile the head is slightly raised, while each leg is being lifted above the headlevel until in a line with the torso. The buttock muscles of the raised leg reallyhave to be squeezed, and the exercises should be done slowly. Before returningto the initial position, the achieved position needs to be held for a moment.Step-ups can be done wherever there is at least some 5 inchesraised platform. This exercise is very simple, but it is more than effective,particularly if the height of the platform is increased above the level of theknee, because the butt and the leg need to lift a lot more weight then.Standing butt squeeze exercise can even be done in anoffice or practically at any place since it does not require any specialconditions. All that needs to be done is to stand up and squeeze the buttockcheeks very hard, keeping them squeezed for some 2 seconds. It is recommended todo it for a minute.Leg abduction is an exercise done in a standing position,while the distance between the feet is similar to the hip width. One leg isthen raised to the side as high as possible, and it is allowed to lean thetorso a little on the other side while balancing. The position should be heldfor a few seconds and the buttocks squeezed, before returning to the initialposition.

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