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The purpose of physical therapy in cases of sciatica legpain

Since this kind of pain limits the activity of the person inquestion, as well as one's range of motion, the exercises which are a part of thephysical therapy have the purpose to prevent the same injury from happening again and to helpthe person to be able to function as before the injury. Special attention willprobably be paid to exercises that strengthen and stretch the muscles of the lowerback, leg and abdomen, because they are of crucial importance for good posturein the first place. After the condition is cured, these exercises should bedone on regular basis. Besides exercises, physical therapy can also helpthrough massage, ultrasound, heat and traction, although the patients should alsoconsider acupuncture as a method that might alleviate the pain.

Exercises for sciatica leg pain

The choice of the exercises might depend on the cause ofsciatica pain, which is why it is important not just to choose severalexercises and perform them, but also to consult a physical therapist who willsuggest those that are appropriate and who will make sure that they are performedin a right manner.

The so-called piriformis stretches are focused on the musclein the hip area that helps the hip joint to rotate. While sitting on the floor with the healthy leg stretchedout, the ankle of the leg in pain should be held and pulled towards the chestas much as it is possible. This position should be held for not more than 5seconds and then it should be released, but it is recommended to repeat it for3 times at least.While lying on the back, the leg in pain should be pulledtowards the chest and the hand on that side should be on the knee. The otherhand should be used to grasp the ankle and then the knee should be pulledtowards the opposite ankle only until the stretch is felt. This position shouldbe held a bit longer, some 30 seconds, and then the initial position needs tobe regained. It is also recommended to repeat this exercise 3 times.Exercises that help stretching the hamstring muscles arenumerous but the easiest one that is usually helpful is done while sitting onthe floor with legs and arms stretched out. The person should lean forward, butthe knees should be kept straight, and it is enough to stay in this position forten seconds. After returning to the starting position and a few seconds ofrest, the same should be done again 4 more times.

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