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The knee is one of the most used joints in the body. Very often knees are not given enough rest that leads to pain or injury. Exercises for knee rehab are intended to increase the flexibility of the knee that stimulates fast knee muscle recovery. They also tend to improve mobility and relieve pain.

Knee Rehab Exercises

Two important knee cartilages are lateral and medial meniscus. They guard the joint and assist bone movement. Anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments keep the knee stable and hold the bones together. Most injuries of cartilages or ligaments limit the knee movement. Therefore exercise is a crucial part of recovery. Exercises help restore knee mobility and improve the way it’s components function.

Knee Extension workout

After knee fracture or surgery the doctor will recommend partial knee extension exercise while the pain is still present. As the knee state and movement capability improves, workout will include full knee extension. Partial knee extension exercise is performed while sitting on the table, legs hanging freely. Then knees slowly outstretch with minimum force applied. This position is held for 15 seconds and knees go back slowly to starting position. Next step folds the knees backwards. Use hands to support the knee movement.Full knee extension exercise should be used only after pain has receded considerably. The measure of this is being able to pull the leg completely backward. In this exercise the leg is fully extended forward then the knee muscles are tightened. After that the knee is folded backwards until the feet can touch the thigh.Hamstring holds exercise relieves tension from lateral and median meniscus. It starts by lying with the back down straight position with extended legs. The legs are lifted up slowly to a height of about 10 inches. The legs are then folded down at the knees carefully. This should be repeated every day until being able to fold the knees backward to 45 degrees.

Knee Strengthening workout

For further knee rehab resistance bands or similar equipment are used to increase the stress on knee muscles to make them strong. Strengthening the knee muscles is important for activities from free walking to the ones where knee sustains heavy impact. These exercises should be done only under supervision of professional trainer or therapist.Calf rises exercise uses the calf rise machine. It should start using light weights. The weight under the calf muscles needs to be lifted slowly. This exercise stimulates both knee and calf muscles. Knee lunges is a great knee stamina exercise. It starts in standing position holding 7½ pound dumbbell. Right foot goes forward and left foot steps backward. From that position right leg is folded in the knee. This position is kept for 15 seconds. After that the legs switch. This exercise does wonders for strengthening the ligaments and knee muscles.Resistance pull exercise is basically calf rises with resistance bands instead of weights. Extending the knee tightens the band. The goal is to slowly lift the leg as high as possible. This exercise is great for both knee and calf muscle strength.These rehabilitation exercises are focused of strengthening the knee muscles. It is very important to perform these exercises under proper guidance, to ensure proper technique which will lead to faster recovery.

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